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How To Become A Graphic Designer

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Learn the basics of graphic design

Take full-fledged online courses

Keep a track on established designers

Create a share-ready portfolio

Irrespective of what your education might have been, becoming a graphic designer is an attainable goal for everyone. Of course, with a little bit of hard work and practice.

A career in graphic design is a lucrative one and certainly a one in most demand. Getting into this field is easier than you think. There is no specific degree or formal education required. You can simply take up a graphic design course, get into the practice and you’ve almost reached where you can create yourself a career in graphic design.

There are many types of graphic designers in the field today. Some work full-time and some take it up as a part-time/freelance opportunity. In this career field, you must note that even if you are full-time or part-time graphic designer, you must be prepared to manage your time well. Since it’s a creative role and ideas differ from person to person, be prepared for lots of edits or changes, sometimes even at odd hours.

Now, let’s dive into what steps you can follow to become a successful graphic designer:

1. Learn the basics of graphic design

Before you go deep into the process of graphic design, learning the fundamentals and basics is important. To help you with it we have compiled a list of courses that you can take to learn the basics of graphic design.

2. Take full-fledged online courses

With Knowledge Kafe, you can take a full-time course into graphic design that will help you learn industry standard graphic design tools, and cover as many technical skills necessary to become an industry standard graphic designer who is ready to take on the world.

3. Keep a track on established designers

We don’t mean following and copying designs of established designers. But keeping a track of what the world is designing and upgrading your design skills with time will help you gain a good amount of expertise and improve your design thinking as the world progresses.

4. Create a share-ready portfolio

Once you have cleared your basics, taken a professional course, and are practising design, you can create a portfolio that you can share with the world and land yourself clients. Starting somewhere is important and having your own portfolio will add credibility and you can get hired or get projects based on your showcased work.

Apart from following these steps while getting into this field of graphic design, you will succeed when you’re a true-blue graphic designer at heart. When you understand the creativity and ideas it is fairly easy to succeed. To help you fetch higher heights in this career field, Knowledge Kafe offers a wide range of courses.

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